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A doubly healthy outdoor activity for the kids.

Posted on: Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Even though it’s been a mild winter for many of us there is no doubt that we were all happy to welcome the official start of spring and Daylight Savings Time.  No doubt some of us had to struggle with the kids as we explained longer days meant more opportunities to be outside which might have impacted on their ideas of watching TV, or playing on the computer.

So, I thought, what could we suggest so the kids would have a long term project that would get them outside, involved and excited and also provide them with rewards?  What we came up with is, how about planning, planting and tending to a garden??  This project includes all the elements that would make parents and teachers SMILE!

  • Creative thinking skills
  • Long term planning
  • Patience

It also might to lead to reading, research and letter writing skills.  How – you may be thinking?  Michele Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign goal is to increase awareness of how important it is for us to get our kids to become knowledgeable and interested in eating healthier and exercising more.  What could be better than combining both activities?  Planting, weeding, watering, picking and then eating their own vegetables.

As your kids go through the planning stages for their garden encourage them to write to Mrs. Obama and tell her about their springtime project.  I’m guessing that they will get a response – Imagine your kids’ reaction.

Happy planting – send us pictures!

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