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A Fun Summer Research Project to Keep the Kids Thinking.

Posted on: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

The weather has certainly been interesting this past month; record rainfalls in the east and heat waves setting new highs in the west.  If school were open, no doubt, these events might have inspired a research project.
As knowledgeable parents you are aware of the summer learning loss concerns.  Perhaps the unusual weather may inspire some family members to do research on the topic of weather.  Start with a job description of a meteorologist.  Then, using sites such as The weather Channel, AccuWeather or WeatherBug compare and contrast different temperatures, rainfall amounts, occurrences of tornados and even wild fires in your local area or across the country.  This data could lead to many interesting family conversations.  Leading questions could include topics such as where and why the family would move based on the weather and climate.  Other questions might deal with help to prepare for weather events or weather emergencies.

As with any topic that interests the kids, it will keep them reading and thinking during the summer and help to reduce summer learning loss.

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