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An Idea to Reduce the Stress and Accomplish More with the Kids.

Posted on: Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

It’s almost February and the academic calendar is on the home stretch since it’s officially closer to June than September.  So take a second and reflect on how the you, the ultimate teacher, and your kids are doing.  Are you pleased with what’s been happening with the kids at school and at home?  If you are, that’s great!  Keep on doing what you’re doing.  However, if you think that there’s room for improvement, consider the following idea.

Call the family together and design a “report card.”  Discuss ideas about what you want to evaluate.  Some ideas could include – time spent doing homework without complaining, times per week when reading is done spontaneously, household chores, getting along with sisters and brothers.

Then using an evaluation system that could look like – O (outstanding), G (good), or NI (needs improvement) rate each of the “subjects” being evaluated.  Make two copies so that parents and kids can score independently and then compare the results.  Hopefully everyone will agree, but most likely there will be some differences of opinions.  Talk about them and then set goals for the next “report card.”

By taking this kind of approach you are setting expectations and making everyone aware of what those expectations are.  And, by measuring those expectations, you are not only eliminating any unpleasant surprises, you will also have a more contented household with less stress.

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