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Best Friends – Book Suggestions – 05/30/13

Posted on: Thursday, May 30th, 2013

In our blog this week we told you about some of the lesser known holidays that we celebrate in June.  One of them, occurring on June 8th is “Best Friend Day.  To help your kids celebrate this special day our book suggestions this week all involve “Best Friends”.  We hope you and your kids enjoy them and that they help provide some good material for discussions with the whole family.

Best Friends And Drama Queens (Allie Finkle’s Rules For Girls #3) by Meg Cabot is for kids in grades 3 to 5.  “Allie looks forward to starting school again after winter vacation, but the arrival of a new girl, Cheyenne, changes everything.  Within days, Cheyenne gathers a clique, starts a chase-and-kiss game at recess, and bullies most of her classmates into pairing off and “going with” each other, even though they’re not sure exactly what that means.  Using Allie’s fresh voice and believable fourth-grade perspective, Cabot gets across her “let children be children” message in a way that will make sense to other kids.  The third Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls book sympathetically portrays the broad emotional range of fourth-graders.  –Carolyn Phelan -” Review from Amazon.

Cat Moves to Outer Space (Kids’ Chapter Book) (Best Friends in Space) by Debora Geary is for kids aged 4 to 9.
“There were a lot of things Cat didn’t know when she moved to outer space.
She didn’t know the food was all made from squished beans. She didn’t know there were mean kids named Weed.  And she didn’t know you had to keep your room clean all the time.
But her new friend Arkali is pretty cool, even if he’s never eaten a real apple or met a unicorn.
Now they have a sick plant in the ship’s biosphere, and even magic and rabbit-poop tea aren’t helping.
Can Cat and Arkali find a solution?
Eleven full-page interior illustrations make this a fun read!  Reading level is similar to Magic Tree House books.”  Review from Amazon.

150 Knock Knock Jokes for Kids and their Best Friends – Joke Book for Kids by Adam Kisiel is for kids of all ages.  “A collection of 150 best, editor-picked knock knock jokes for kids (and also for their fluffy friends on 4 paws).  Suitable for kids of all ages who will enjoy reading and telling their best friends clean and great jokes assembled in this book.
Great fun for a whole family and a good opportunity to practice language!”  Review from Amazon.

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