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Book Series for the Kids for Summer Reading – 07/12/13

Posted on: Friday, July 12th, 2013

As we have mentioned in prior blogs, if the kids can get interested in a book series it can keep them interested in reading for long time.  It also encourages them to search for more book series that will continue to move them along the path towards becoming lifelong readers.  This week we are recommending three series.  If your kids are not interested in any of these, take them to the library, where a librarian would be happy to help them select a book series, or have then search the internet using key words that hold interest for them.  This is not only good for a summer reading program but for supplementary reading all year long.

Ballpark Mysteries #1: The Fenway Foul-up by David Kelly is for kids 6 to 9.  “Two nine-year-old sleuths bring sharp powers of observation and deduction into play when a Red Sox slugger’s favorite bat disappears.  Cousins Mike and Kate are thrilled when Kate’s sports-reporter mom brings them to a game, and they are up to the challenge when star player Big D’s bat goes missing after batting practice.  Folding information about Fenway Park and its colorful history into the tale, Kelly also artfully slips in simple red herrings along with real clues to the thief’s identity and the bat’s whereabouts that sharper readers may pick up before the young detectives do. Game action takes a backseat to the investigation here, but Big D gets his bat back in time for some late-inning heroics against the Oakland A’s, and afterward presents his awed young fans with suitable rewards.  Leading off a formulaic series that will take Mike and Kate to baseball parks around the major leagues, this book should draw baseball fans as well as budding whodunit aficionados.–John Peters”.  Review from Amazon.

Classic Goosebumps #1: Night of the Living Dummy by R.L. Stine is for kids 8 and up.  “Discover the original bone-chilling adventures that made Goosebumps one of the bestselling children’s book series of all time!
Something scary is happening in GOOSEBUMPS HORRORLAND, the all-new, all-terrifying series by R. L. Stine.  Just how scary?  You’ll never know unless you crack open this classic prequel!
Discover the fan-favorite thriller and chiller that first introduced the world to the wooden face of fear. The puppet who pulls all the strings.  None other than Slappy the Dummy!
Now with all-new bonus material revealing Slappy’s secrets and more.”  Review from Amazon.

The Secret Series Complete Collectionby Pseudonymous Bosch is for kids 8 and up.  “Not only is the name of this series a secret, but the story is, too. For it concerns a secret–a big secret–that has been tormenting people like you for over . . . oh no! Did I just mention the secret? Then it’s too late. I’m afraid nothing will stop you now. Read this series if you must. But please, tell no one.
Catch up on the adventures of Cass and Max-Ernest with The Secret Series Collection. This boxed set includes all five paperback novels in the New York Times bestselling Secret Series: The Name of this Book Is SecretIf You’re Reading This, It’s Too LateThis Book Is Not Good for YouThis Isn’t What It Looks Like; and You Have to Stop This.”  Review from Amazon.

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