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Books to help build character in young children and teens – Book Suggestions – 04/18/13

Posted on: Thursday, April 18th, 2013

This week’s blog was about character development in young children and through their teenage years.  Our book recommendations address various character traits and are excellent reading for the various age groups.

If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do? by Sandra Mcleod Humphrey is for kids age 4 – 8.  “Is is wrong to sneak into the movies if your big brother says it’s okay?  If “everybody” is cheating on the math test, shouldn’t you, too?  What if telling the truth gets your best friend in trouble?
It’s never too early for us to begin talking to our children about values and helping them define and clarify their code of moral conduct.  This is a great way for them to build self-confidence in their ability to work through everyday problems!  The 25 situations presented here and the thought-provoking questions at the end of each scenario have been developed to help you talk to your child about social and moral issues in a natural and nonthreatening way.  What an entertaining way to learn vital life skills!”  Review from Amazon.

What Do You Stand For? For Teens: A Guide to Building Character by Barbara A. Lewis is for kids age 11 and up.  “Young people need guidance from caring adults to build strong, positive character traits—but they can also build their own.  This book by the best-selling author of The Kid’s Guide to Social Action invites children and teens to explore and practice honesty, kindness, empathy, integrity, tolerance, patience, respect, and more.
Quotations and background information set the stage. Dilemmas challenge readers to think about, discuss, and debate positive traits.  Activities invite them to explore what they stand for at school, at home, and in their communities.  True stories profile real kids who exemplify positive traits; resources point the way toward character-building books, organizations, programs, and Web sites.”  Review from Amazon.

The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss is for kids age 5 – 9.  “This classic collection of stories by Dr. Seuss includes “The Sneetches,” “The Zax,” “Too Many Daves,” and “What Was I Scared Of?”  Beloved by generations, these four wildly whimsical tales touch on moral issues, and while they can be read for sheer pleasure, they are also ideal for sparking conversations about tolerance, the need for compromise, and fear of the unknown.  Perfect for young Seuss fans, this is a book that can be enjoyed by the whole family on many different levels.”  Review from Amazon

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