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Keep the Kids Laughing as we Get Ready for School. Book suggestions – 08/15/13

Posted on: Thursday, August 15th, 2013 in Activities for kids, Book recommendations, Books, Humor, Joke, Reading, Summer

With a title like our book suggestions really don’t require any further explanation.  Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliott is for kids 7 and up.  What happens to race car drivers when they eat too much?  They get indy-gestion.  Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes … read more »

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Some Fun Fact for August to Keep the Kids Thinking.

Posted on: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 in Activities for kids, Back to School, Humor, Joke, Kids doing Research, parent involvement, Summer, Summer Activities for Kids, Summer learning loss

If you ask the kids to tell you something about August – they may tell you, somewhat sadly, that summer vacation is almost over.  In reality most of them are starting to look forward to a new school year because … read more »

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Best Friends – Book Suggestions – 05/30/13

Posted on: Thursday, May 30th, 2013 in Book recommendations, Conversations with kids, Humor, Joke, Reading with kids

In our blog this week we told you about some of the lesser known holidays that we celebrate in June.  One of them, occurring on June 8th is “Best Friend Day.  To help your kids celebrate this special day our … read more »

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More Summer Reading Books for Kids – 06/27/12

Posted on: Thursday, June 28th, 2012 in Book recommendations, Books, Chapter Book, Debbie Dadey, Joke, Mystery, Reading series for kids, Sean Covey

Our blog this week provided suggestions to help you pick out books for your kids for their summer reading.  Just like adults, kids have their own interests so our book suggestions are all quite different.  By reading the summaries of … read more »

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Three Fun Tips for Reluctant Readers

Posted on: Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 in Activity Book, Family Activities, Games, Joke, parent involvement, Reluctant Readers

Some kids are reluctant readers.  They just don’t want to read.  For parents who are avid readers, this is disappointing, and we try everything to get our kids to love it like we do.  A recent New York Times blog … read more »

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Joke Books for Kids Book Selections – 12/15/11

Posted on: Thursday, December 15th, 2011 in Book List, Book recommendations, Books, Joke

To keep the season happy and merry, here are a few book recommendations that should keep the kids (and the adults) laughing through the holidays. Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliott is for kids aged 7 and up.  “What … read more »

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A few laughs to lighten things up.

Posted on: Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 in Joke

With the holiday season in full swing and the added stress of shopping, cooking and figuring out how to entertain the kids over the school break I thought I’d lighten things up a bit with a few teacher/student jokes gleaned … read more »

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Kids Jokes Book Selections – 11/03/11

Posted on: Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 in Book List, Book recommendations, Joke, Reading

Everyone loves to laugh, especially kids.  As parents it’s wonderful to watch them develop their sense of humor.  One day they look at you when you tell them a joke and they have no idea what you’re talking about.  The … read more »

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