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Creating an environment for a summer reading program.

Posted on: Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

We at READS believe that parents are the ultimate teachers.  So now that school is out YOU have the challenge of balancing a relaxing summer while still maintaining and building upon all that was learned during the school year.  We are sure that when you use some of our tips from today’s blog, even the most reluctant reader will become excited and an enthusiastic reader.
First step in making sure that summer learning loss doesn’t occur with your kids is to create a positive at-home reading environment.  A reading-friendly home environment is more than just a quiet comfortable place to sit and read A home reading environment checklist includes:

  • Creating a special place for independent reading, which could be a bedroom, family room, or outdoor space
  • Making books available around the house and in the car
  • Establishing family reading time where adults and children read together or on their own
  • Regular conversations about books, newspapers, magazines, movies or special television shows at family meals

Next week we will offer suggestions for how to select the right books and reading materials for your kids.  Be sure to check back next week for more tips for parents to help with a summer reading program.

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