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Encourage your kids to make predictions.

Posted on: Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

We at READS always encouraging kids to make predictions or inferences about what they think will happen next based on the information they already know.
How about encouraging the kids to select an area of interest, do some research, come up with a hypothesis.  Then they can keep a record as they collect data to see if their prediction,  inference or hypothesis was correct.
Here are just a few ideas to use for this project:

  • How many days will it rain over the summer and ruin plans
  • Which team will win the World Series
  • How many times will parents need to remind kids to do summertime chores
  • How many books can be read over the summer
  • Will extra time on TV/computer be allowed

Encourage the kids to get creative and help them set up this project.  Offer your expertise as a consultant. Perhaps chart paper or graph paper will be needed.  Maybe you can establish a special place to keep their data.  Before we know it summer time will be here and it’s never too soon to get the kids involved – so that the dreaded summer time learning loss  does not occur in your household.


Summertime learning loss???   As summer approaches, keep watching for future blogs about this topic.

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