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Figurative Language Book Recommendations – 07/14/11

Posted on: Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Last week we recommended some great poetry books.  This week we continue with books that contain figurative language; alliteration, similes and idioms.  This is a great way to introduce or perhaps reinforce what the kids have learned in school.  It’s also great fun for both kids and adults.

Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut by Margaret Atwood takes alliteration to an extreme.  It’s funny and sure to get some laughs when you or your child try to read some of the passages quickly.  They are tongue twisters.  For example, on the first page you’ll find this sentence “”Princess Prunella lived in a pink palace with her pinheaded parents, Princess Patty and Prince Peter, her three plump pussycats, Patience, Prue and Pringle, and her puppy dog, Pug.”

Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story by Loreen Leedy is for kids in grades K-2.  She explains what a simile is and then uses them throughout her book to tell the story.  The story is about two friends, a fox and lamb, and through a chase end up at a birthday party.  The story is well illustrated and will hold the attention of your young reader.

Mad as a Wet Hen!: And Other Funny Idioms  by Marvin Terban is for children in Grades 3-6.  The English language contains many idioms.  As adults, we’ve heard, and used, many of them.  Although we may know what they mean we probably don’t know where they came from.  Marvin Terban’s book contains 136 idioms along with an explanation for each.  For many of them he explains where it came from.  Some of the idioms in the book are “raining cats and dogs”, “bull in a china shop”, “behind the eight ball”, “dog days of summer”, “up the creek”, “under the weather” and 130 more.  An entertaining and educational read.

Need to get in some quick reads on the way to the playground, camp, or pool?  Try our poetry picks for the week.  If your kids liked Dr Seuss when they were little they’ll love these books.

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One Response to Figurative Language Book Recommendations – 07/14/11

  1. cekster says:

    Great suggestions! I am a retired 4th grade teacher and author. I encouraged children to use figurative language whenever possible in their writing and we did some fun activities with idioms. Of course, I use similies and metaphors in my own writing. If any families are in a shared custody situation, they can read my book on the publisher’s web site, and find quite a few examples of figurative language:


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