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How the kids can help select vegetables to plant in the garden.

Posted on: Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Last week we got six inches of snow, it was melted within hours and there, popping up in my garden, were daffodil stalks.  And that makes it official – spring is almost here!
Hmm – I was thinking – time to start the seeds for a vegetable garden.  I gathered my available grandkids and our project began.

First we had a conversation about what we would plant.  We established a list and then set criteria about what was most important to us for this project.  The list was short – what would be easy to grow, take minimum maintenance and taste the best.  Everyone had an opinion and off each child went to do a little research.  Since garden space is somewhat limited – it was decided that we could only plant four types of veggies.  Knowing full well that agreeing might provide a challenge, I sent up a criteria chart so that the final selections would be chosen fairly.  The chart shown below lists 5 veggies.  The kids assigned a point value to each cell in the chart going from 1 to 5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

Vegetable Peas Pumpkins Tomatoes String Beans zucchini
  Easy to Grow
  Tastes Best

If you like this approach, use our chart as a guide.  Then have the kids (together) assign numerical values and see which veggies win.  Be sure not to tell the kids that they are doing math and science lessons while having fun.  After all this “work” the kids can begin researching the steps for starting seeds.

Keep us posted on your gardens!

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