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How questions help kids develop critical thinking skills when reading.

Posted on: Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Reading is the process of attaching meaning to the printed word.  At READS we know that developing readers need to be taught how to comprehend what they are reading not just to sound out words.  There are various ways to do this.  Today we’re suggesting one way that we use with READS, EGM’s reading helper, and that’s to ask questions.

Try asking your child a question like – “Make a prediction before you begin reading.”  Predicting what the story is about or what will happen next sets a purpose for reading.  It also requires your reader to use background knowledge so he can think about what he is going to read.  By making meaningful connections between what he is already familiar with and what he is about to read, your child can attain a greater understanding of the story.  While reading a chapter book, ask your child to predict what happens next before he starts each chapter.

Asking meaningful questions not only confirms that the child has read and comprehended the material but also is a great way to have a dialog and help develop your child’s conversation skills along with his critical thinking skills.  Besides, it’s also fun and what kid doesn’t look forward to having fun?

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