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Imagination and play

Posted on: Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

What a week it’s been in our house!  All of our kids were here and it was controlled chaos the entire time.  We marveled at how all the little ones (6 months through 9 years) got along, listened to their parents (if not the first time, the second time) when they were told to do something, and at the endless energy that everyone had.  We also learned that we are never too old to learn.  Below are some highlights –

  • Contrary to public opinion it seems that reading or listening to stories is equal in popularity to watching television or video games, at least part of the time.
  • Encouraging children to use their imagination can be as simple as providing an empty box.  After playing with the box for a while we supplied crayons and markers so they could turn the box into a house and other things (some of which we’re still trying to figure out).
  • Even 9 year olds can reconnect with Thomas the Train when their 2 year old cousin wants to play.
  • Younger children can easily create a whole new game out of a toy that is more appropriate for an older child.  They simply use their imagination to make up the rules.  Those rules, by the way, keep changing the longer they play.

So once again we strong suggest that engaging in conversation with the kids, and listening to their imaginings, will really open your eyes to how creative and thoughtful they really are.  Ask questions as simple as “tell me what you’re doing”.  You will most likely be impressed at their detailed answers.

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