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Keeping the kids busy until spring arrives.

Posted on: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

It’ been a mild winter for many of us, but it doesn’t mean that the kids aren’t getting a little bored and little rambunctious as they eagerly await the warmer days of spring.  When we heard our son-in-law trying to quiet the kids down so we could talk, and then offer up television time and any show they wanted, we knew that desperation must have set in.  Hmm, I thought, how about a list of activities that the kids could do independently that would provide parents a little down time.

Consider these in addition to television.

  • Write down topics that might interest your child on slips of paper.  Put them into a baggie and have your child select one. Tell them to go on line, learn something new and report back to you in 30 minutes.
  • Tell the kids to walk around the house and compile a list of everything that makes a sound.
  • Let the kids make a tent by throwing blankets over a couple of chairs.
  • Have an arts and craft basket ready and let the kids create some new art work.
  • Let the kids create a treasure hunt for you.  They can hide something you give them and then make a list of clues for you to find it.
  • Build something out of old boxes.  If you have enough boxes, make a tunnel for the kids to crawl through.  Give older kids the boxes and some tape and let them use their imagination.
  • Or best of all, let the kids make a wish list for what they want to do when spring arrives!
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