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Kid’s Picks – Book Recommendations – 06/24/11

Posted on: Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

In case you didn’t get a chance to read my blog this week it was about listening to your kids and letting them select and recommend books that they like.  We included one kid’s book recommendation in that blog.  This posting contains three more book recommendations selected by kids.  Ask your child to send us a review of his/her favorite book and we will be happy to publish it in a future blog.  No editing please -we prefer that you child writes the recommendation.  We print them exactly as written.  Send them to .

The Ugly Truth (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

“This is a story about a kid in school.  Greg’s best friend tells him a secret.  Greg doesn’t really believe what he heard from his friend and he decides to investigate.  As a result the secret is not a secret anymore.

This book is great because I can relate to it.  I can picture myself doing the same thing.  It helped me to see what not to do.  It taught me lesson.“

J.M 4th grader

My Weird School #2: Mr. Klutz Is Nuts!

“This book is kind of funny cause a guy is telling stories about teachers that are acting weird.  Mr. Klutz is nuts!  He was saying he’ll do something crazy, and he does.

These books really make me laugh!”

D.D. 3rd grader

The Gollywhopper Games
“This book was amazing!  It’s a story about a kid named Gil.  Gil is very unhappy because his family has a big problem to deal with.  He decides to enter a contest called the Golly Whooper Games, so he can just think about something else.  It’s full of action and puzzles.

I am so sure that this book will be made into a movie.”

J.S. 5th grader

Note: The books mentioned in this blog and all of our blogs can usually be found in your school library, your local library, a local book store or on-line.  We provide links to the books on Amazon so you can read reviews and summaries to learn more about them.

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