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Learning from a day at the movies.

Posted on: Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

We got the call- babysitting services for our two grandsons (4 and 7) were requested in Chicago for the weekend – were we available? UH duh – yes we were!

So we packed up and off we flew
The question was what to do.
The plane ride provided plenty of time
So I could plan and all would be fine.
An afternoon at the movies could do the trick
But is this what the parents wanted us to pick
There needed to be some lessons I could teach
And then I could practice what I preach.

By now you have probably figured out that we saw The Lorax, what else could possibly account for the rhyme?

However, I really did turn the experience into multiple little fun lessons:

  1. We read the book and talked about how we would compare and contrast the movie and the book .
  2. We mapped the route to the movie theater on the computer.
  3. We went to the market and selected healthy treats and checked the label contents to make sure.
  4. While waiting for the movie to start, we counted rows and seats and estimated how many people were in the theatre.
  5. After the movie we each gave opinions and supported them with specific examples of whether we preferred the movie or the book.

Sometimes we can teach and our kids don’t even know it!

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