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Make Flag Day the beginning of a summer reading program.

Posted on: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

School is almost over for the kids in our country.  Even though they have earned the right to relax and take it easy, it’s important for parents to remember that their role as the reading homework helper will now change.  No more homework does not mean no more books!  Keeping the kids engaged and involved in specific learning activities will help to reduce the dreaded summer learning loss.

June 14th is Flag Day. Mention Betsy Ross and immediately kids will tell you that she made our flag.  But did she really?  Some tips for parents to help with reading could include challenging your kids to read and find out for sure.  Before they begin researching have a conversation to help your child focus on specific areas of interest.  Together develop questions so there is a specific focus while reading, or select our READS question cards for a quick jump start.

You may share some of the information below about Old  Glory to help get the kids started. For example did you know the official name for the flag of the United States is The Flag of the United States?  Most of us are more familiar with the nicknames – Stars and Stripes and Star-Spangled Banner.

Many of us think that George Washington asked his friend, Betsy Ross, who had her own upholstery shop in Philadelphia, to design our flag.  This story was told by Betsy’s grandson about a hundred years later and it became legendary.  We now realize that it is more likely that Francis Hopkinson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, designed it.  We know this because he sent a bill to Congress for his work.  Although he was not paid, since he was receiving a salary from Congress, no one else came forward to claim credit.

This week our postings will include books about the United States books about The Flag of the United States. We have included a word search and crossword puzzle for the kids.  Click on the links below and save or print the PDFs.  Another way to have some fun is to have a party for Old Glory.  A sheet cake can easily be made with strawberries and blueberries strategically placed as a delicious (and sort of healthy) birthday cake in honor of the flag’s 235th birthday.  Decorations can be made to be placed around your house to add to the celebration.

We guarantee that by using these tips even the most tips for reluctant readers will excited and involved.

Flag Day crossword Puzzle  Crossword Puzzle with answers  Flag Day Word Search

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