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Memorial Day 2013- Book Suggestions – 05/23/13

Posted on: Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

The books we are suggesting for this year’s Memorial Day celebration range from funny to deeply moving.  Each book helps to tells the story of Memorial Day in a different way but all of them help to explain what the true meaning of the day.  All of these books are well worth reading for the kids and their parents.  Have a wonderful holiday and remember to remember all those who made this day possible.

Memorial Day Surprise by Theresa Golding is for kids 5 to 7 years old.  “It’s Memorial Day and Marco and Mama are going to see the parade.  On their way, they pass Marco’s grandfather’s house.  They usually stop to see Grandfather, but today Mama is in a rush because she has promised Marco a surprise.  Marco can’t imagine what the surprise might be.  Could it be the marching band?  The fire engines?  The candy tossed to the crowd by a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty?  Mama promises that it will be a better surprise than candy.  As the parade goes by, Marco wishes his grandfather were with him to enjoy it.  Then, marching down the street, come the veterans, wearing uniforms and shiny medals.  But look!  Who is that leading them?  Marco never imagined the kind of surprise in store for him.”  Review from Amazon.

Stars and Stripes Celebrate Memorial Day by Madeline Collins.  “This book is dedicated in memory of the brave men and women who have fought to keep our country safe.  Written by Madeline Collins for her Girl Scout Gold Award.  Proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to ReMind: The Bob Wooddruff Foundation.
About the Author
Madeline Collins is a high school student where she is a member of the Science and National Honor Societies, as well as the president of the English Honor Society.  She is a varsity field hockey and lacrosse player.  She has been writing stories and poetry since first grade.  Her artistic interests include drawing, painting, clay and jewelry design.  This book was written and illustrated as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award.  She lives in New Jersey with her parents, grandparents and brothers.”  Review from Amazon.

The Wall by Eve Bunting is for kids age 4 to 8.  “A boy and his father have come to the Vietnam War Memorial to look for the boy’s grandfather’s name among those who were killed in the war.  They find his name surrounded, but far from lost, in the rows of print that “march side by side, like rows of soldiers.”  “I’m proud that your grandfather’s name is on this wall,” says the boy’s father.  The boy agrees, adding, “but I’d rather have my grandpa here.”  Before this powerful book is half finished, readers will be deeply moved.  Bunting’s understated prose captures the meaning of the memorial to the American people, especially to those who lost loved ones, without being maudlin or heavy-handed.  Himler’s gauzy watercolors are a perfect accompaniment: impressionistic enough for the characters to appear as everymen.  A sensitive and moving picture book, and a great discussion book as well. — Catherine vanSonnenberg, San Diego Public Library, CA Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.”  Review from Amazon.

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