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Memorial Day. A time to have fun and a time to remember.

Posted on: Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Memorial Day weekend is just 4 days away – summer time is about to begin!  We hope for sunny weather, barbecues and family picnics.  Since many of our kids do not realize what Memorial Day is, besides time for families to come together and have a lot of delicious food, we suggest that this year you discuss the significance of this important day.
Give the kids a brief history lesson, or ask them to do a little research and find out some information to share.  Let them know that Memorial Day, formerly called Decoration Day, is the day to remember and honor the men and women that literally gave their all for our country.  It is the day that we should put flags outside, visit national memorials and think about how much so many gave to keep our country strong and free.  .

Tell them that the practice of getting together with family and friends for Decoration Day started before the American Civil War.  The concept of potluck meals was popular then too.  People would spread sheets or tablecloths on the grass and spread various dishes of food out for all to eat.

After sharing this information, tell the kids  to find out  when the name changed to Memorial Day and why.  Another good research topic is for the kids to find out the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  They can write it up, draw pictures or discuss it with you.

Although the Memorial Day weekend has become a time to have fun and welcome summer, it’s important for the kids to understand the history behind the day.  So fly your flags, attend a memorial day event and have a wonderful weekend with family and friends.

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