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Oh – the places we’ve been!

Posted on: Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Oh – the places we’ve been!  Traveling to the Southwest was an incredible experience.  We visited six canyons and three cities.  What a beautiful country we live in.  Over the next few weeks we will share some of our incredible experiences from our travels and hopefully inspire some of you to start planning your next vacation.
At this point you may be thinking “Start planning your next vacation?  Right now we’re centering around getting the kids to do all that they need to do to stay focused and positive on school.“  You are right.  School certainly is the most important consideration.  Beyond that, for diversion, there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays on the way.  However, some vacations require long term planning.
We began planning this vacation two years ago.  A friend gave us a copy of her journal of her southwest trip.  That journal was a big help in planning our trip.  One thing we learned was, that if you want to stay in a canyon, you must make reservations as soon as the facility in which you want to stay begins to take reservations.  This is usually a year or more in advance.  That’s where the long term planning comes in.

Where do you want to go?  What do you want to see?  When do you want to go?  All of these questions require some thought and some research.  This can form the basis for a family project.  Get the kids involved.  What would interest them?  Have them do little on line research and read about the places you’re thinking of going.  Remember, when discussing this with them that they will be a year or two older when the trip occurs.  What would interest them may change significantly over that time period.

For an idea of where we started our journey, see the image next to the first paragraph.  We’ll have more pictures in future blogs.

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