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Presidents’ Day Books for the Kids – Book Suggestions. – 02/07/13

Posted on: Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Our blog this week was about Presidents’ Day so it’s only appropriate that we follow it up with books about, what else, Presidents.  And, not only the presidents but also about their pets.  Our lead off book is has it all including funny art, poetry and facts about some Presidential pets.

Presidential Pets: The Weird, Wacky, Little, Big, Scary, Strange Animals That Have Lived In The White House by Julie Moberg is for both kids and adults.  “It’s been said that if you want a friend at the White House, get a dog.  Or, we might add, perhaps a cat, bird, bear, or maybe an alligator!  Throughout America’s history, the presidential menagerie has included an array of creatures both big and small, ordinary and absurd.
This inside look at the White House’s animal residents features a rollicking, rhyming verse for each commander-in-chief’s pets, accompanied by cool facts, presidential stats, and laugh-out-loud cartoon art.  John Quincy Adams kept an alligator in the bathtub, while Thomas Jefferson’s pride and joy was his pair of bear cubs.  Andrew Jackson had a potty-mouthed parrot, and Martin Van Buren got into a fight with Congress over his tow baby tigers.  First daughter Caroline Kennedy’s pony Macaroni had free reign over the White House.  But the pet-owning winner of all the presidents was Theodore Roosevelt, who had a hyena, lion, zebra, badger, snake, rats, a nippy dog that bit the French ambassador, and more!”  Review from Amazon.

Basher History: US Presidents: Oval Office All-Stars by Simon Basher is for kids age 10 and up.  On Amazon’s site there’s a cute animated movie about this book.  “Basher’s US Presidents shows you the nation’s leaders as you’ve never seen them before.  Every president, from George Washington to the winner of the 2012 election, has his own entry and speaks directly to the reader. In Basher’s humorous fashion, these lively and enlightening articles bring history to life.  Meet James Monroe, known as the “Last Cocked Hat” because he pranced around in an outdated wig, hat, and breeches!  Learn more about “Uncle Jumbo” (better known as Grover Cleveland): the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms.  Find out how Ronald Reagan helped end the Cold War.  Quirky facts add interest.  Did you know that John Quincy Adams had a pet alligator?  That Teddy Roosevelt (and his whole family) could walk on stilts?  Or that Lyndon B. Johnson had worked as an elevator operator?  Reading this book will put you on first-name terms with every single one of America’s Head Honchos!”  Review from Amazon.

Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman is for kids age 5 and up.  “Abraham Lincoln is one of the first giants of history children are introduced to, and now Maira Kalman brings him to life with her trademark style and enthusiasm.  Lincoln’s legacy is everywhere – there he is on your penny and five-dollar bill.  And we are still the United States because Lincoln helped hold them together.
But who was he, really?  The little girl in this book wants to find out.  Among the many other things, she discovers our sixteenth president was a man who believed in freedom for all, had a dog named Fido, loved Mozart, apples, and his wife’s vanilla cake, and kept his notes in his hat.  From his boyhood in a log cabin to his famous presidency and untimely death, Kalman shares Lincoln’s remarkable life with young readers in a fresh and exciting way.”  Review from Amazon.

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