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Reading Tip: Reading the same book over and over.

Posted on: Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Remain calm when your child chooses to reread a favorite book for the gazillionth time.

Over the years countless frustrated parents have come to me and asked what to do because their kids keep selecting the same few books over and over and over.  My answer is always the same – Don’t Worry.  Then the questions start: how will he/she become a better reader, the book is too easy, what’s the point?

The value of your child’s rereading the same books over and over lies in the old adage “practice makes perfect”.  Feeling comfortable when reading builds confidence and skills, specifically fluency.  Fluent readers learn to read with expression.  Fluency builds a child’s ability to comprehend as decoding becomes secondary to reading and thinking about what’s being read takes on primary importance.

So smile when you see your child selecting the same book.  Even though they might not realize why they gravitate to the same book, instinctively, I believe, they realize the importance of why they keep rereading a favorite story.

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