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Shhh, I’m listening to my kids.

Posted on: Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

They may be shorter and they are definitely younger – but I guarantee you, their voices can be very loud!  Yep, I’m talking about the kids.  Our kids have ideas and opinions of their own.  Sometimes we may not agree with their reasoning, or their decisions, but since our goal is to successfully guide them on the road to independence we must learn to listen.  Sometimes listening and not interrupting can be quite a challenge.  When I feel frustrated with how to respond, I take a breath and attempt to count to ten.  I also try to phrase my words carefully.  In the READS Parents’ Manual we have included positive ways to phrase things when discussing topics with your child and you hear something you didn’t expect to hear.

As I was composing this week’s blog I decided to practice what I preach.  This week’s book postings have all been selected by kids.  Of course, teacher that I am, I had to set criteria for the kids to follow.  I asked them to name a favorite book and then to explain and support their choice with examples.

Get your kids talking to their friends about books.  When they come over to hang out or for a play date, ask your child’s friends what they’ve been reading.  This summer, encourage them to bring books with them for a book exchange at your house.  The simple truth is that once your kids are in school, their friends are cooler than you are.  So find a way to get them to start making recommendations to each other.

As I said, the book reviews, that you will be reading this week, were written by the kids.  We’ve included one with this blog and will provide more during the week.  Enjoy and let us know your kids’ favorites books.  I will be happy to include their recommendations in future blogs.

Levi C’s favorite book is The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.  His summary follows.  “The Lord of the Rings is a book about hobbits, elves and dwarves trying to destroy the power ring.  Frodo, the Hobbit, is afraid of Orks and the Black Riders . This story takes place in the time of knights and castles.  Some parts of the story are more exciting than others.  I couldn’t put the book down when Frodo and the gang of Hobbits were paddling as fast as they could to get away from the Orks.  It was boring to read about Frodo and the gang sitting near the fire talking about Black Riders.  I recommend this book for third and fourth graders.”  Levi is going into 3rd grade.

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