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Siblings Book Selections – 10/06/11

Posted on: Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Our October 4th blog was about siblings reading together.  The book recommendations below are about broader topics of sibling relationships.  The three books cover the age ranges from Pre-K through 6th grade.

If you have any interesting or funny stories about siblings, your kids, or yours, please post comments or send them to us and we’ll publish them in a future blog.

Just Me and My Little Brother by Mercer Mayer is for the pre-K to K set.  “In this typically funny, sweet Little Critter picture book, our young hero thinks of all the wonderful things he is going to be able to do with his little brother.  They will go out together on Halloween, fight bullies successfully, ride bikes, and more.  But it becomes clear on the last page that the joys of having a brother will have to wait.  First, Little Critter’s baby brother must learn to walk!”  (Amazon review).

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies is for kids in grades 3 – 5.  “As the final days of summer heat up, so does a sibling showdown over a high-stakes lemonade stand business. Jessie and Evan Treski compete to see who will make $100 first off of their respective lemonade stands. Full of surprisingly accessible and savvy marketing tips for running a stand (or making money at any business) and with clever mathematical visuals woven in, this sensitively characterized novel subtly explores how war can escalate beyond anyone’s intent.” (Amazon Product Description).

My Sister the Vampire #1: Switched by Sienna Mercer for kids in grades 3 – 6. When Olivia Abbott moves to town, she’s excited to join the cheerleading team and make new friends.  Then she meets Ivy Vega.  At first, Ivy, pale and dressed all in black, looks like Olivia’s opposite.  Then the girls look beyond the glittery pink blush and thick black eyeliner to discover they’re identical—identical twins!

“Olivia and Ivy are brimming with plans to switch places and pull every twin trick in the book.  But Olivia soon discovers that she and Ivy aren’t exactly the same.  Ivy’s a vampire.  And she’s not the only one in town.” (Amazon Product Description).

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