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Some cold weather activities for the kids.

Posted on: Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

BRRRRRRRRRR – It’s January and it’s cold outside.  Even in Californian peoples’ teeth were chattering from the “arctic” blast of cold air last week. Keeping in mind that we have a few more weeks of January, not to mention February, before we can even begin to think about spring we thought it would be a good time to think about how to entertain the kids while we are stuck in the house.  No doubt that the temptation to rely on television and computer time will increase, but maintaining a balance of activities is really important.

Today we suggest some projects that will not only be fun and engaging, but may stimulate some happy family time and create lasting memories.  Start by having a conversation and creating a list of ideas and gathering items that will be needed.  Find a place to house the “stuff” and then just wait for that special frigid day.


  • Create an indoor obstacle course
  • Make cold weather pictures using torn up pieces of paper
  • Design wall art using an old sheet for a canvas
  • Write your own Mad Libs
  • Search through recipe books and bake
  • Create an indoor treasure hunt
  • Make crazy sentences
  • Give everyone 5 index cards
    •  One word per card (noun, proper noun, verb, adjective and 1 free choice)
    •  Put all the cards together and deal
    •  Take turns asking for a specific type of word (a verb, nonu0
    •  See who can create a coherent sentence first

Finally, the last idea is to begin to think about spring and have the kids start to compile of list of everything they intend to do.  If “cabin fever” starts to set in have them work on their “spring” list.  Maybe it’ll get them to start thinking happy thoughts about the days ahead.

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