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Some interesting facts about July

Posted on: Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Next week we celebrate the 4th of July, America’s Independence Day.  Our country’s birthday is a time that we all enjoy with parades, picnics and incredible firework displays.  I truly believe that we all know a lot of interesting information about July 4th, but, how about the rest of the month?  I decided to do some research to find out what other events or celebrations occur in July.  Wow, was I surprised!  I knew immediately that I had to share what I found with you and the kids.

Did you know that July is officially Hot Dog Month, Ice Cream Month and Read An Almanac Month?  Imagine all the exciting possibilities that you and your kids can explore.  Plan a hot dog party, find delicious recipes for homemade ice cream and of course check out an Almanac for interesting facts and predictions for the upcoming year.

I also found daily events, celebrations and observances.  Some are more interesting than others, but any one of them could pique your kid’s interest and be the basis for a discussion or for some further research on his or her part.  Here’s my list.  Enjoy!

Day Event


  1. National Build A Scarecrow Day
  2. Thurgood Marshall, first US African American Supreme Court Justice was born
  3. Idaho became the 43rd state
  4. America’s Birthday
  5. Seinfeld TV series premiered in 1989
  6. Republican Day – party was formed in 1854
  7. National chocolate Day and Strawberry Sundae Day
  8. Wall Street Journal Premiers – 1889
  9. Rock N Roll Day
  10. Wyoming became 44th State 1840
  11. John Quincy Adams, 6th president, born 1767
  12. George Washington Carver born
  13. Quiet Day (see if your kids buy into this one)
  14. Pandemonium Day (isn’t this every day?)
  15. Gummi Worm Day (you may not want to share this one with the kids)
  16. District of Columbus was established 1790
  17. Disney Land opened
  18. Chrysanthemum Day
  19. Flitch Day – An old English custom begun in Dunmow Priory, England.  Once a year, monks gave a slab of bacon to any married couple who could prove they had lived in harmony and fidelity for the prior twelve months.  Very few got to “bring home the bacon”.
  20. National Lollipop Day (another one you may want to think about before sharing with your kids)
  21. National Hot Dog Day
  22. Pied Piper Day
  23. National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  24. National Cousins Day
  25. Constitution Day – Puerto Rico
  26. Disability Independence Day – anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disability Act (1990).
  27. Parents’ Day (you really have to teach your kids about this one)
  28. National Milk Chocolate Day (Hmmm)
  29. NASA Anniversary (see our link to NASA Kids on our Links page)
  30. Father-In-Law Day
  31. First patent registered in the United States this day in 1790.
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