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Spring Break at the Movies

Posted on: Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Spring break is here!  Undoubtedly you’re looking for things to keep the kids busy.  Since April Showers are covering a good part of the country, many parents are resorting to heading to the movies.  Seeing a movie is great family fun and can be turned into a learning experience.  After the movie is over, and the popcorn has been digested, ask questions like, “So what was your favorite part of the movie?” “Would you recommend this movie to a friend?  Why or why not?” “What did you think of the main character’s decision at the end?” and “What book have you read that is similar to this movie?”

You could also ask your child to be a movie critic and a write up a paragraph, including a star rating.  If the movie didn’t receive 5 stars, ask the new critic to give constructive criticism.  What would he or she change to make it better?  What does he or she think of other criticisms of the movie?  (Search online:,, or your local newspaper).  Spring break can be fun and educational while giving the kids a break from school-like learning.

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