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Teacher Appreciation Day 2013.

Posted on: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Day occurs on May 7th.  Across our country students and parents are being encouraged to recognize teachers by saying thank you, to any teachers that may have touched their lives.
Today I would like to share the best ever thank you story I know.  In the district where I teach, the kids in middle school are given the assignment to write a letter to their favorite teacher.  Many years ago my dear friend and colleague, received a letter from a student that she had taught when he was in third grade.  His letter has been hanging on her bulletin board for 15 years.
One month ago a young man arrived at our building for substitute duty.  One look at him was all it took.  The third grade, letter writing student, was all grown up.  He has become a teacher!  What a tribute, not just to my friend, but to all the teachers that have ever touched his life.

This year encourage your kids to draw a picture, write a note, send an email, or simply give a hug to his/her teacher.  When you ask your kids “What do you want to be when you grow up?” you may want to encourage them to consider teaching as a very personally rewarding career.

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