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The Final Weeks of Summer Are Here. Time to Think – Back to School!

Posted on: Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

End of August already?  As an educator I’m thinking, “Oh no!  How can summer be over, didn’t it just start?”  As a parent, you may have similar thoughts because right now the kids don’t have to be rushed out of bed in the morning, and the lazy days of summer can be so relaxing.

Dealing with the reality that summer is coming to a rapid end can be challenging.  Yesterday while I was at the mall, I saw countless families shopping for school supplies and they were all smiling, at least the kids were.  The kids were focused on selecting the perfect notebooks, book bags and all the other stuff that can set the mood for a happy new school year or, for some, first day of school.

Just in case you haven’t already gone shopping try some of these suggestions for engaging the kids in “educational” type activities without them even knowing it.

  • Start by planning a shopping trip to buy school supplies.  Step 1 is to have the kids create a list of supplies that they want, or think they need, to make the upcoming new school year perfect.
  • Younger kids can look at ads in the newspaper, cut out what appeals to them and make a “scrapbook.”  They could also go on line, with your help, and look at the advertisements and create their own drawings, or make a list of their must have items.
  • First and second graders could do similar activities but be responsible for adding up the items and figuring out how much these items actually cost.
  • Give the older kids a budget to work with and let them use their math skills as they compile their list of supplies.  They might have to make some hard decisions, or at least ask for you to increase their spending allowance.  Be sure to encourage them to write an appeal for increased spending allotments.
  • And, finally, READ READ READ!

As always our goal is for you, the ultimate teacher, to keep the kids engaged in learning and keeping their minds active without letting onto the fact that they are really taking part in educational activities.  Getting them excited about going back to school by engaging them in planning will hopefully make those first few days more stress-free.

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