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Try Using Trivia to Start Conversations with Your Kids.

Posted on: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Teachers, parents and kids alike are all making plans for the fall.  Would you be surprised to know that we are not alone in planning for the rapidly approaching fall season?  In August birds begin “planning” for their annual trip to the south and insects become noisier and more numerous.  Did you know also know that the month of August is: Admit You’re Happy Month; National Sandwich Month; Happiness Happens Month and Inventor’s month?

Interesting trivia is always been a good way to start conversations.  We are all aware that sometimes the use of technology gets in our way for having face to face conversations with our families.  Check out what we have said in earlier blogs and also take a look at Communicating with Children: You Make the Difference, published on the National PTA web site, to read about what researchers are saying about the importance of talking with the kids.  Conversations should not just be saved for “serious” discussions.  Have some fun and see what trivia, not trivial, facts you can come up with.

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