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Why READS – Draft

What did you learn in school today?  Nothing.

Did you do your homework?  Yup.

Do you want to talk about it?  Nope.

This conversation happens in homes all over the country every day.  It may happen in your house.  Are you left feeling frustrated and wondering what you can do?

You want to make sure your child really understands what he or she is reading, can comprehend and make connections with other material, and is able to talk to you about the material and what he or she is learning.  It’s a lot – especially if you have no training as a teacher.  That’s why Elaine Meyers, a teacher and reading specialist with 25+ years of experience, created READS.

Benefits of READS include:

  • Works with any reading material whether it’s chosen by the teacher, parent or child.  There is no    need to buy supplemental reading material.
  • Works for elementary grades 1 – 4 for readers below, at or above grade level.
  • Conforms to the Common Core States Standards Initiative
  • Enhances the parent’s skills to effectively help their child with reading homework.
  • Provides a method to verify that the child comprehended the material read.
  • Helps to develop the child’s critical thinking skills.

What you get:

    Question Cards and ring – 30 question cards designed to ensure your child’s focus on the reading material, help you determine if your child comprehended the material read and to develop your child’s critical thinking skills.  Each card also contains a visual clue that matches the question on the card.  The purpose behind each question is explained in the parent’s manual along with examples of the type of response you can expect from your child.  These questions are aligned with the Core State Standards (see the Links page for more information).

    READS Parent’s Manual Describes how to use READS Homework Helper with your child.  Explains each component of READS, how to develop a dialog with your child about their reading and the meaning of each question card.  Describes techniques to help your child answer the questions correctly and includes suggestions for rewards.

    Rewards Chart & Stickers – Kids love to track their progress and have tangible goals that are meaningful to them.  The Rewards Chart and stickers help them do just that.  The Parent’s Manual includes suggestions for rewards appropriate for elementary school children.

    Magic Finger – The Magic Finger helps your young reader track the text from word to word and prevents her from losing her place as she reads. 
    Reading Guide Strip – The Reading Guide Strip highlights the line being read and blocks out the lines of text above and below to focus your child’s attention on one sentence at a time.

    Speedy Speller – Speedy Speller, a Handbook for Readers and Writers puts young writers in charge and provides them with their own spelling handbook that keeps growing.  The Speedy Speller contains 1,400 words along with commonly used abbreviations, numbers, symbols, punctuation and more.

    Reusable Storage Pouch – A phthalate free clear vinyl pouch with a Velcro closure to store READS Homework Helper.

    What do you want for your child?

    If you want your child to become a stronger reader…

    If you want to keep school-night hassles to a minimum…

    If you want to encourage your child’s independent reading…

    If you want to extend meaningful exchanges to areas outside of reading…

    If your child already loves to read…

    The goal of reading education is to develop comprehension skills and improve overall proficiency. We all know that a child’s “yes” to “Did you understand what you read?” doesn’t really demonstrate comprehension. Educators, familiar with assigned or available reading material, are trained to frame the right questions to ask a child and how to interpret the answers. However, that’s a tall order for parents, most of whom are not trained in these techniques and who have not read and studied the material their children are expected to read.

    READS Homework Helper’s Question Cards system eliminates the guesswork in your parental efforts to evaluate how well your child grasps what she has read.

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    We know what school nights are like for kids under today’s academic and social pressures and for grownups on the go. No matter how much you want to spend time with your child and oversee his homework assignments, some nights just don’t go as planned.

    READS Homework Helper’s Question Cards system provides you with effective options that work with whatever is being read, making your own and your child’s efforts on each evening’s reading homework more meaningful and less time-consuming. And you don’t have to read his book from cover to cover.

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    Few moments with your child are more satisfying than those in which you have helped her grow. Whether it is perfecting a new skill or trying something for the first time, her positive changes in response to your efforts can be exhilarating for you both.

    Using READS Homework Helper’s Question Cards system is a positive way for you and your child to work together while promoting your child’s growth towards independence and a lifetime love of reading. The Question Card system also complements the time you spend reading with or to your child outside of school assignments.

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    You may sense “learning opportunities” when you and your child watch a television show, go to the movies or are confronted with current events, but you may not know how to take advantage of the moment.

    As you and your child become more familiar with READS Homework Helper’s question-response method, you will both develop new ways to look at, question and learn from the experiences and events in the world around you.

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    He has opened the door into a vast world of knowledge and imagination, and you undoubtedly want him to gain as much as possible from this advantage.

    Even the most precocious reader can benefit from READS Homework Helper’s Question Cards system, which helps your child develop higher-level thinking skills.

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