READS - Really Easy and Dynamic Strategies - Reading Comprehension Tool

About Us

The READS system was developed by Elaine Meyers, a certified reading specialist in a suburban Philadelphia school district who has spent more than 25 years helping and guiding young readers.

Elaine has worked day after day with elementary school children reading at all levels of proficiency. She has had thousands of conversations with the parents of those children. Over time, it became clear that even though most parents want to help build their youngsters’ reading skills, many of them simply don’t know how. Even more frustrating, Elaine found that when parents had instructions for how to help with reading homework, they had no well-defined way to evaluate when their efforts were successful.

Well aware that comprehension is the primary objective of reading education, she realized that a really easy and dynamic strategy to develop reading comprehension strengths in young readers would benefit both parent and child. When her extensive research into reading programs failed to find a method that was truly effective under a variety of circumstances, Elaine decided her only option was to “build” it herself.  She combined her own experiences with a desire to develop more confident readers and stronger learners, and READS is the result.

In addition to her certification as a reading specialist, Elaine Meyers holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in education.