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Increasing use of technology is resulting in a decrease
in face to face meetings and conversations


Technology is everywhere in today’s world, from the nursery to the senior centers. We use it to communicate, acquire knowledge, improve productivity and for entertainment. The ability to communicate in various ways is a necessity as we come in contact with others at a distance as well as in different cultural settings. To be successful in the worlds of today and tomorrow, technology and personal communications skills are essential.

This is especially true for children of the 21st century.  Indeed, for kids, instantaneous access to information, countless educational programs, and computer games is the accepted norm.  Life without technology is unimaginable for them, and they fully embrace it.  Nonetheless, it is surprising how little we question the benefits of technology.  Just like too much dessert with dinner, too much technology can have unpleasant consequences.

While technology has improved productivity for our society on many levels, serious consideration is now being given to the impact that the use of technology has on developing relationships and understanding what others are trying to communicate.  Researchers are concerned that the increasing use of technology is resulting in a decrease in face to face interactions and in-person conversations.  This is a particular concern for the current generation of children, who will need strong personal communication skills as adults working in our ever expanding global environment.

The question is; “As parents, what can be done to maintain a balance between the use of technology and personal interaction?”  Download this whitepaper for some of the answers.

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