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Ideas for the Kids for a Spring Break Sleepover

Posted on: Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Of course its spring – snow is in the forecast!  Being the eternal optimist I am ignoring the forecast and celebrating the extended daylight and thinking about Spring Break.  Some families may be going on vacation, but many of us may be planning activities at home and trying to figure out how to keep everyone happy.

Thanks to local community centers, parks, libraries, museums and the movie theatres there are a lot of options for the kids to enjoy during the daytime.  But, when the sun starts to set, how about considering a sleepover with one or two of your kids’ best friends.  Good news for you is that for at least the first hour they will entertain themselves – BUT oftentimes they can use some adult ideas as the night progresses.  Consider these suggestions until it’s time for lights out.

  • Truth or Dare – Prepare questions ahead of time/ or let kids create them when they get there
  • Play “20 Questions” or “I Spy”
  • Create Sleep Shirts using inexpensive T shirts and markers
  • Make sock puppets and a puppet theater out of card board boxes then put on a show
  • Make and eat (of course) chocolate fondue
  • Make and decorate a gingerbread house or just decorate gingerbread cookies
  • Have a scavenger hunt inside the house
  • And finally to get rid of extra energy for the beginning of the never ending lights out and go to sleep time try “Freeze dance”.  (If you’re not sure what that is, search for it in Google.  It’s an updated version of musical chairs.)

As always – send us an email or and let us know how you spent Spring Break.

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