READS - Really Easy and Dynamic Strategies - Reading Comprehension Tool

Reading Comprehension Activities for Kids


Your life as a parent is incredibly busy. You come in the door from your long, busy day and so many things demand your attention. With 101 responsibilities, how can you be certain your child understood what was read during the required 20 minutes of daily reading? The answer is READS. READS is an easy-to-use system that helps parents be sure what is read is also comprehended.

READS enhances your skills to effectively help your child with reading:

• Works with any reading material
• Provides a method to verify that your child comprehended the material read.
• Helps to develop your child’s critical thinking skills.
• Saves you time.

Most importantly, using the READS Question Cards system helps to improve overall reading proficiency and promotes your youngster’s independence.

READS Question Cards do not require that you read the book from cover to cover! Your child’s answers to the cards’ questions will reveal definitively if the material read was understood.