READS - Really Easy and Dynamic Strategies - Reading Comprehension Tool

Reluctant Readers – Motivate and Empower


“Have you done your 20 minutes of reading yet?” asks the mom.

“I will. Stop asking.” replies her child.

Is your child a reluctant reader?

Does your child need to be motivated to read anything?

Instead of having this same old conversation, wouldn’t you love to hear your kid say, “Just let me read for 10 more minutes.” An easy way to see this change is to empower your kids. You do this by letting THEM select what they want to read. That just might be the cure for reluctance.

For example:

• If your child is a sports fan, have them read about a favorite player.
• If someone loves to cook, use recipe cards.
• For action/adventure enthusiasts let them choose their favorite graphic novels.
• Video game players can go on line and read about their favorite games or read reviews of what’s coming next.

To ensure that they comprehend what they’ve read use READS. READS provides the tools and strategies to help you verify that your child comprehended what has been read and makes reading fun.